The IFANCA-Food Diversity Innovation Program Symposium on "Current Trends in Food Industry- Challenges and Strategies" was held in Frisco, Texas on Nov.17th, 2022, in conjunction with the Longhorn IFT Suppliers Night. The symposium included talks by representatives from leading food companies such as Mintel and Cargill and faculty from Texas A&M. The talks were well-attended and followed by poster presentations by graduate students, undergraduate students and post-docs of the Food Science and Technology department at Texas A&M University.

The results from the graduate and undergraduate student poster competition are available below.

Symposium Speakers

Dr. Joseph Awika- TAMU
Lynn Dornblaser -Mintel
JIllian McKenny-Cargill
Debbie Lang- Cargill
Dr. Greg Pompelli- TAMU
Dr. Susanne Talcott -TAMU
Dr. Mian Riaz- TAMU
Nooran Riaz-IFANCA

IFANCA- FDIP Poster Competition

Graduate Students

Zahra Mohebbi- FIRST prize
Gabrielle Scott- Second Prize
Cyprian Syeunda- Third Prize
Fariha Irshad- Third Prize
Augustus Harrison

Undergraduate Students

Abbey Pollok-First Prize
Tatjanna Webb- Second Prize
Moni Fadamiro- Third Prize
Allison Brenner
Nathalie Pena
Dr. Shirley Arbizu
Dr. Shannon Schmidt

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