The Department of Food Science and Technology hosted its annual dinner on Tuesday, July 18th at The Dawson in Chicago during the IFT First event. The event was sponsored by National Center for Electron Beam Research (E- Beam).

The event was well attended with about 50 attendees, with several distinguished alumni, esteemed faculty members, and honored guests including our external Advisory Board members and non Aggies as well.

Dr. Joseph Awika (Department Head), Dr. Suresh Pillai (Associate Department Head and E-beam Director)) and Dr. Mian Riaz ( Associate Department Head) talked about the successes of the department and the plans to do even more in the years to come with greater student engagement and industry collaborations. They reached out to attendees and all alumni to stay connected, share experiences, and contribute to the growth and success of the department in whatever capacity.

The event provided an opportunity not just to commemorate the department's accomplishments, but also to envisage the promising future ahead, all the while deepening our connections with our esteemed alumni.